EK Signature S’More Cookie


My Signature S’More cookies is a camp favorite without the fire!

1 order is a bag of 4, 5″ cookies.

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My Signature S’More cookie has the campfire classic taste without the fire! It has a Ginger cookie base riddled with mini marshmallows and milk chocolate chips. Larger than my standard cookies to add room for the marshmallows and chocolate. They are a great treat when you’re needing those summer camp memory’s without the making a fire. Like all Edward’s artisan goodies, my Signature S’More Cookies are made from scratch in small batches for the most exquisite taste.

The approximate size is 5″ in diameter.

Ingredients: Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (US-grown Non-GMO Hard Red Wheat Flour), Marshmallows (Corn Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Modified Cornstarch, Water, Contains Less Than 2% Of Gelatin, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (Whipping Aid), Natural And Artificial Flavor, Blue 1), Milk Chocolate Chips (Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Nonfat Milk, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavors), Pure Cane Sugar, Pure Cane Dark Brown Sugar, Butter, Molasses, Palm Oil Shorting, Eggs, White Vinegar, Vanilla, Ginger, Cinnamon, Baking Soda, Sea Salt.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.5 in


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